RWD Builders Ltd

Brickwork in Cambridge,
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

As a talented team with over 100 years of shared experience, R W D Builders Ltd performs high-quality brickwork for construction projects across Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and the surrounding areas. We believe that brickwork is an art form, and one that demands a unique skill set. For this reason, our building company pays close attention to detail to ensure impressive results and your complete satisfaction.

Brickwork proves vital to all types of building projects throughout Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Our bricklayers may need to repair a damaged wall, create an elegant façade, build a retaining structure or include bricks as part of a complex new build. No matter the task at hand, we work quickly and efficiently to support your budget and timescale.

By choosing our building company, you can expect:

• The use of high-quality bricks for your project
• Reliable bricklayers with an excellent reputation
• A well-organised site for the upcoming work
• Careful handling, blending and setting out
• The application of highly workable mortar
• Compliance with health and safety standards

At R W D Builders Ltd, we carry out brickwork throughout Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and the nearby regions. This may involve crafting cavity walls, parapets, freestanding walls, house extensions or other structures. Please call our building company to talk through your requirements.


Brickwork | Experienced Bricklayers for Your Project

Brickwork can restore the external look of the home or give a commercial premises a fresh appearance. It can also resolve structural concerns that you may have. Our building team comes fully trained in today’s proven brickwork methods, ensuring a reliable structure with a neat, attractive finish.

Do You Need Replacement Brickwork?

Old brick walls can begin to show signs of wear and tear. This damage may include missing mortar joints, loose mortar between the bricks, and crumbling material that’s easy to dig away. Spalling involves a flaking of the surface and is often caused by water damage. You might also spot a white powder known as efflorescence or see large, troublesome cracks along the surface.

Serving Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and the surrounding towns, we can resolve all of these problems for your peace of mind. With a cost-effective approach, our building company offers all services at a highly competitive rate.

Laying the Brickwork for a Range of Projects

Bricklaying plays a vital role in the structural integrity of homes and businesses across the UK, but property owners often enjoy their aesthetic appeal too. This is why exposed brick proves so desirable. Whether we’re working on an extension in Bury St Edmunds, a new build in Cambridge or taking on light commercial work across Suffolk, our FMB-approved and TrustMark-accredited team will construct the walls you need – and in a style that complements the existing property.

With an insistence on quality and a reputation to match, our building company remains the first choice for brickwork in the local region. No matter your brick-related needs, we will be thrilled to bring your project to fruition.

Does your upcoming project in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge or the nearby areas need the aid of brickwork specialists? Call 01284 767326 or 07889 158069 today.