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Kitchen Installations in Cambridge
Tips to Make the Most of Your New Kitchen, House Extensions and Refurbishments

Updating the kitchen, adding an extension or hiring a building company to manage your house refurbishments will naturally change the look of your Cambridge home. With new, hardwearing materials from today’s prestigious names, this can mean great things for your property. You can expect house extensions to reduce clutter, kitchen installations to breathe new life into your cooking space, and any new brickwork to hold firm throughout the years. That said, there are ways you can make sure you get the most from the finished results.

Follow these tips when looking to improve your home in the Cambridge area. You can also call our building company for a no-obligation quote or to learn about our approach towards house extensions, brickwork, fitted kitchens or house refurbishments.

Kitchen Installations | Maximising Your Limited Space

Not everyone can have a spacious kitchen, although some may choose to expand through cost-effective house extensions. Instead, many homeowners around Cambridge will benefit most by making every inch of their kitchen installations as efficient as possible.

• Look into clever storage solutions that free up the work surfaces
• Boiling taps and under-cabinet lights can add a touch of class
• Bright colours reflect more light, making the kitchen appear bigger
• It’s worth investing in high-quality, heat-resistant worktops
• Choose a building company with years of kitchen fitting experience

When planning your future kitchen installations, you might want to consider the kitchen triangle theory. Although this isn’t a hard and fast rule, designers often use it as a means to decide the optimal placement of the oven, fridge and sink. These elements are the most used and should be easily accessed while preparing meals in your Cambridge home.

House Extensions and Refurbishments | Bringing Your Dream Space to Life

Beyond kitchen installations, our building company creates bespoke house extensions to fulfil your needs. We apply the same high standards to house refurbishments, along with any brickwork that your home in Cambridge might need. Be it a gym, office or en-suite, we create gorgeous rooms designed especially for you.

• Consider how you plan to use the space before you extend
• Think about ways you can maximise usage, such as adding a utility space
• If you want an office, emphasise light, storage and comfort
• Don’t forget those personal touches that can make a real difference
• Double glazing and insulation will create a more luxurious atmosphere

While house extensions expand your home in the Cambridge area, house refurbishments change up the existing rooms. It’s worth investing in the project that you feel is most important, such as the one you expect will the biggest difference to your lifestyle.

If flipping the property, our building company can fix any brickwork issues, repair structural problems, perform the needed kitchen installations and improve the home’s condition at a fair cost.

To make the most of your kitchen installations or house extensions in the Cambridge area, call 01284 767326 or 07889 158069 and speak with our building company.